The Swiss Army Luggage: Quality of Convenience

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The world knows about this wonderful creation called the Swiss Army Knife. It is a wonderful multi-functional tool that fits perfectly in one's pocket. Wenger S.A. and Victorinox A.G., who supply the Swiss Armed Forces with knives, staked ownership of the term "Swiss Army Knife," making it a registered trademark. A brilliant move, for the word connotes usefulness.

After this wonderful creation, a great grandchild is being introduced into the world: The Swiss Army Luggage. These specially designed Victorinox Swiss products have been modeled after the same timeless base form of its forbear; it performs as something that makes life more convenient for everyone. A variety of luggage pieces have been designed to suit any individual's taste. These pieces come in practical colors (note: easy to wash) - red, black or, in some models, khaki.

One can choose from many great options. There is, foremost, the collection of Briefcases for the travelling business man. With these bags, there are no such hassles with one's documents or essentials, digital and communication devices and accessories.

Another is their series of Upright Mobilizers with aircraft-grade aluminum handles, topnotch Swiss-engineered fabric, and many more novel elements. These bags were made with optimum performance in mind. Not simply to carry your things in a wheeled contraption, the series holds models that have brilliant features such as a removable suiter that minimizes wrinkles on hanging clothes, a handle with a comfort grip that was ergonomically designed to be situated at one's side when pulled, and a single touch, dual-trolley aluminum handle structure that automatically recesses into the bag when not in use.

Furthermore, they have the "Trek Pack Plus" series, luggage with a highly innovative hybrid design that enables one to convert it from a handy wheel and handle structure to a solid, ergonomic backpack. These creations aren't simply for stashing your things into. The series has fresh styles that have practical qualities such as the main compartment comprises of two removable pouches for toiletry items, and has a spacious, distinct compartment at the bottom that conveniently lets one store his shoes and dirty clothes.

Of course, one must not miss to mention as well the "Altmont Collection," the bags that are designed with the thought of everyday usefulness in mind. These have been created to last for a long time, with comfort, convenience, and security weaved into each fiber. One will have no problems at all with organizing their items with any of these bags.

One to watch out for is the new "NXT 5.0 Range." Crafted to be 10% lighter than any other bag of its kind, it allows one to be able to carry more while still within the weight restrictions of the airline.

All of these products are stylish and of high quality as can be expected of any Swiss Army product. It is a guarantee that it is well worth the price. The Swiss Army Luggage was created with a strong commitment under the name of a mighty legacy that seeks to consistently push for the progression function, creativity, and durability.

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The Swiss Army Luggage: Quality of Convenience

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This article was published on 2010/12/18