How many uses does a swiss army knife have?

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Swiss army knives are more than just a traditional pocket knife. The knives also come with tools that can be used. The Swiss army knife has been around for over 100 years and was invented by a man named Carl Elsner who designed the Swiss army knife which is given to every recruit of the Swiss army. The traditional Swiss army knife has a red handle with a white cross imprinted upon it. There are many imitators, but a true Swiss army knife is manufactured in Switzerland by a company named Victorinox.

Swiss army knives are available in 100 different models. Some are merely pocket knives, while each of the others comes with a variety of tools. The Swisschamp is the largest and comes with 33 tools.

The Swisschamp style includes:

- Two blades- Both a large knife blade and a small knife blade are included on this model. Both are known for being extremely sharp. The larger blade is over 3 inches long and has been used in expeditions to the North Pole and Mount Everest. The blades have been useful in the cutting of lines and ropes, as well as tree branches for shelter and fires.
- Corkscrew- This feature is designed for opening wine bottles.
- Screwdrivers- There are four screwdrivers on the Swisschamp Swiss army knife. They include both a flathead and a Phillips head. The flathead is featured in both a large and mini size, while the Phillips head is featured as large and fine.
- Magnifying glass- The magnifying glass can be used to read print on a map or expedition guide or it can be used with the sun to start a fire.
- Puncher with needle- The puncher is strong enough to punch through leather and can be used to help push the needle through tough fibers.
- Fish hook remover and scaler- The fish hook remover doubles as two tools. Not only can it remove the hooks from a fish, it also can be used to scale the fish prior to preparation for cooking.

Also included are saws, pens, toothpicks, chisel, and tweezers. Many of these tools are multi purpose. The Swiss army knife has over a thousand different uses with its variety of tools and has been carried on many expeditions. It has been credited with saving lives of not only Swiss army members, but also scientists and biologists.

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The swiss army pocket knife is just one type of swiss army knife available from Victorinox. Thier full range of swiss army knives can be found at

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How many uses does a swiss army knife have?

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This article was published on 2010/09/27