Army ROTC Scholarships Growing with Vigor

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It is an undeniable fact that obtaining a degree from colleges and universities is very costly considering the present recession and getting a scholarship is one of the great ways in earning a degree from college.

The country's US Army ROTC is aggressively providing scholarship programs to students since the need for new Army officers will continue to increase for the next decade. In return, the students are expected to serve the military for five years after earning their degree and thereafter may continue their career serving the military or get back to their civilian life.

The US Army is very much in need of officers who are highly trained and understands well the way of the military. Army ROTC scholarships is the main source in producing more officers compared to those who are trained in the Army for three months due to their long years of service. For an officer to be promoted in a Captain's position requires a college degree which they do not possess and had been one of the impediments in bringing in more officers in the Army.

Cadet Command ROTC scholarship programs being the major source of Army officers that include all necessary trainings in becoming an Army Officer and a four year degree at the same time had recently awarded 2,579 Army ROTC scholarships to students to meet the demand for officers in the Army. It is one of the biggest leaps that the Army ROTC had done so far.

In spite of the fact that Army ROTC scholarships are largely being provided because of the demand for producing more officers in the Army; the response to the offered scholarships has suddenly grown with vigor because of the present economic global situation. More students choose to go for the Army ROTC scholarships wherein a career is awaiting them after graduation instead of trying to find a job after earning another degree in diverse colleges and universities.

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Army ROTC Scholarships Growing with Vigor

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This article was published on 2010/10/01