Army Games: Moving from Traditional to Modern

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Like shooting games, army games are made for individuals who like a good trigger session. Whether you want to participate in the history of mankind or like to be the hero of the day, army games are perfect  to try out.

Imagine playing plants versus zombies but this time changing plants into military men with grenades, guns, mortars, missiles and other upgrades. They are earth's last line of defense against- guess what- aliens. Position them, buy specific weapons with gold and aim at aliens just like PVZ. Survive waves of aliens after which you have to deal with bosses in each level. Does this game sound interesting to you?

If it did, you can also check out other army games found online such as Counterkill. Apart from shooting enemy soldiers, you also have one very important mission and that is to locate the golden cross. Talk about being Lara Croft or Indiana Jones in a flash game. For those who like to fight using tanks and helicopters, there are army games such as Tank Destroyer and Heli Intrusion.

One fun aspect of army games is that they give the player a real simulation experience on how to use equipment like optical sights, lasers, sound suppressors and grenade launchers.

Speaking of weapons, did you know that before guns were invented, people have already been conquering cities using the trebuchet? True enough, an army game called Crush the Castle 2 is showing players how it is done. The mechanics is this, click once to start moving the trebuchet, click again to release its load, and click for the last time to reload.

As you move on to higher levels, you also get to choose what type of load you will put in the trebuchet for a more awesome gaming experience. Who says that old weapons are not powerful enough? Load it with fire, ice, electricity, bombs, and acid then watch the enemies' strong built castle fall off its foundations. You get to use the power of magic, nature and more importantly the power of a good aim.

Depending on how you want your army games to be played, one good thing to remember is to play it to enjoy it. This should not be a serious problem because no matter what your taste in weaponry will be, there are plenty of army games that cater to your choice.

This is why in case you find yourself bored, tired and a little stressed after a long day; search the net for good online army games. For sure you will find one. And when you do, make ready your mouse and your keyboard for an hour filled with action, suspense and even a little bit of comedy.


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Army Games: Moving from Traditional to Modern

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This article was published on 2010/11/29